Let’s cup together. More than just a slogan, it’s a warm invitation to collaborate with Sas Coffee. As a true coffee partner, we always provide tailor-made solutions within the numerous possibilities of flavors and packaging. Discover how we work together in our step-by-step plan:


A new collaboration always starts with a good conversation. Because by truly understanding your wishes and needs, we can offer the best possible solution. Do you want a unique blend or a house blend? Neutral or branded packaging? What are the desired quantities? We will go over all your preferences together and match them with the possibilities. With our extensive knowledge and attentive listening, we achieve the best results together.


Next, we create a tailored proposal, from blend to packaging. Our double Q-Grader will work with you in a cupping session to develop your perfect blend. Additionally, we will prepare a packaging proposal that fits your brand and volume needs. At the end of this process, we will present the final offer.


At Sas Coffee, we want to serve our customers in the best way possible and are happy to be flexible, especially when it comes to packaging development. You can provide your own design, or we can take care of it for you. Our in-house designer is always available to create your packaging based on your brand identity and provided guidelines.


We’re now ready to proceed with production and deliver what we’ve agreed upon. During this phase, we will roast and package your coffee according to the customized proposals we have worked out. In doing so, we always try to keep the lead time as short as possible, so that you can quickly enjoy a delicious coffee.


We don’t compromise on quality. At Sas Coffee, we offer top quality products and meet the highest standards. For instance, we have BRC and IFS certification and carry out additional checks during production, testing both flavor and packaging. This way, we guarantee that you can offer your customers high-quality coffee with confidence.


At Sas Coffee, customer is king, from the first conversation to the delivery of your tailor-made coffee. As a customer, you have the choice of organising the logistics yourself or to have the delivery handled by our logistics department. We have our own trucks available for this purpose.